Lamentations for six voices

Robert White

edited:Edward Wickham

  Cat. 0035 H (hight pitch)
Cat. 0035 L (Low pitch)
    High pitch
Low pitch
  Genre: Lamentations  
  Liturgical Use: Tenebrae (Holy Week)  
  Vocal Disposition: SSAATB (high)
AATTBarB (Low)

  Price: £3.25  

Introduction ...

Robert White



The )

Text and Translation


Editorial Procedures and Conventions

Clefs and signatures: The original clefs and signatures are indicated in the prefatory staves.
Note values and barring:
Note values have been halved.
Transposition: Two versions are available. In the high pitch version for SSAATB the pitch has been raised by a tone. In the low pitch version for AATTBarB the pitch has been lowered by three semitones.
Voice designations and ranges:
The editorís voice designations are given after the prefatory staves. The ranges of each part are indicated at the pitch of the modern edition.
Accidentals given in the source are shown within the stave.
Accidentals which are implied by the rules of musica ficta are provided editorially above the notes.
Text and Underlay: Text underlay given explicitly in the source is shown in a normal typeface. Editorial interpolations are shown in an italic font. Latin spelling and punctuation have been standardised.
Variants: A list of variants between the seven sources is provided in the edition.

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Low pitch

High pitch

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